Anti-Aging Hand Microneedling Treatment

Restore thickness, evenness, and overall youthful appearance to hands.

Service Description

For best results this Anti-Aging Hand treatment is to be performed a total of 4 to 6 times with 30 day intervals. This Microneedling Treatment combined with Red-Light Therapy and powerful serums can help improve the appearance of thin, dry, spotted, wrinkled, and scarred skin on hands by stimulating the skin’s natural ability to repair itself. This treatment is perfect for anyone wanting to restore thickness, evenness, glow, and overall youthful appearance to hands.

Microneedling is similar to laser resurfacing but is a mechanical version of it. This distinction is very important because it eliminates the risk factor which is a big part of laser therapy. Instead of injecting chemical substances into the skin to repair it, needles are inserted to stimulate the natural healing capacity of the body. Once the microchannel are created by the needles, growth factors and fibroblasts are triggered to synthesize new skin! The results of a microneedling series last for years without any side effects.

45 Min.

Base: $175

Cancelation Policy

Appointments cancelled or moved to another date with less than 48 hour notice will be charged 50% of the scheduled Service(s). No Show Policy: No Shows will be charged the full cost of the service(s).