Advanced Treatment Manicure

Protective Manicure + Treatment Option to Maintain or Begin a Healthier Nail Journey. Gel Overlay / Damaged Nails

Service Description

Our Essential and Advanced manicures are focused on properly prepping, treating, and grooming nails and cuticles in order to establish or maintain healthy nails. Feel confident knowing you are in good hands. 

You can expect your service to include:

  • Nail Health Assessment and Consultation about desired look
  • Dry / E-file Cuticle Grooming by trained technician for clean cuticles
  • An appropriate nail treatment for your nail type. This is a one time added charge to set you nails on a healthy nail journey. We believe in starting clients out with a strong foundation, so a treatment is highly suggested for all 1st Time Manicures. The IBX treatment toughens the nail plate and protects the nail from future gel damage.
  • Nourishing treatment oil to help mend and hydrate nails.
  • Gentle massage with luxurious vitamin-enriched seaweed cream & oil blend of Vitamin E, C, and B, and Ginkgo Biloba. Your hands will be left feeling soft and hydrated with a visible reduction in dryness and an added glow.
  • Soothing aromatherapy steam towels


Choose one of these option to OVERLAY gel on your natural nails.


  • Fiber + Keratin Gel Overlay *Quick overlay for short nails.    * Bonus layer of protection for natural nails.    * Fiber Gel + Keratin may help strengthen weak or slightly damaged nails.    * Can be worn with no extra color added (natural pink or clear option)    * Up to 10-14 days of wear suggested before a fill or Soak-off 
  • Soft Gel Overlay– * Extra layer of Builder Gel overlayed on natural nails for added protection.  * Great for those who consistently wear gel.    * Up to 2-3 weeks of wear suggested before a fill or Soak-off
  • Hard Gel Overlay – Strong gel. Protection and structure for . 3-4 week fill. Hard gel does not soak-off.    * Extra layer of stronger gel overlayed on natural nails for durability and protection.    * Intended for those who consistently wear gel who are tough on their nails.    * For short, medium-length, or long nails.    * Up to 2-4 weeks of wear suggested before a fill. Does not Soak-off
  • Luxio Gel Polish Color applied on top of any overlay if you so choose.

Great Choice For:
– Any nail type or condition

– If needing to correct nail dips, flat nails, or weak nails.

60+ Min.

$130 & Up

Cancelation Policy

Appointments cancelled or moved to another date with less than 48 hour notice will be charged 50% of the scheduled Service(s). No Show Policy: No Shows will be charged the full cost of the service(s).